Detail from Civil War-era letter from the exhibition MAIL CALL. Courtesy the Smithsonian National Postal Museum


The following guidelines offer detailed information on hosting an exhibition. Need further information? Contact the Scheduling and Exhibitor Relations office at 202.633.3140 or by e-mail at


Exhibition Publications
SITES publishes brochures, catalogues and/or posters for some, but not all, exhibitions. Printed materials published by others may also be provided for certain exhibitions. The participation fee includes these publications, and they become the property of each exhibitor. They may be distributed at the exhibitor's discretion. Usually, additional copies of publications may be purchased. In some cases, posters and catalogues published by SITES may be sold. For more information, contact the Publications & Educational Resources office at 202.633.3182 or

Receipt of Advance Materials
SITES sends complete advance materials (including educational materials, technical instructions, public relations materials, condition report forms, etc.) to booked venues six months prior to the exhibition's opening date. Materials may be mailed earlier upon request. Because SITES compiles advance materials in limited quantities, replacement materials or extra copies may involve additional production and/or procurement fees.

National Sponsors
If an exhibition has a national sponsor, SITES may request that exhibitors extend certain benefits such as waiving a facility rental fee for an exhibition related event. SITES makes every effort to provide exhibitors with advance notice for additional requests.

Once SITES has received a signed exhibition contract, a host institution may begin publicizing the upcoming exhibition. Venues may not publicize an exhibition prior to the receipt of a signed contract.

Although SITES initiates a national publicity campaign for each exhibition's launch, local promotion is primarily the responsibility of each exhibitor. SITES provides sample press releases, media information, and publicity images to each exhibitor. Press coverage documentation must be submitted to SITES at the end of each booking in a close-out report. Contact the Public Relations office at 202.633.3120 to speak to the individual assigned to the exhibition.

Credit Language
SITES provides specific text for credits in each exhibition contract. This language identifies SITES and the exhibition's organizational partners and financial sponsors and must be used in all acknowledgments, press releases, publications, leaflets, printed matter, catalogues, and at the exhibition itself.

Questions about any of the terms that appear on this page? See our glossary.




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