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Earth 2U: Exploring Geography

It’s surprising how little many of us know about the planet we call home — especially our children. Across the country, America’s teachers and schools are trying to help young people understand the world in which we live. To assist them, the National Geographic Society joined with SITES and an advisory board of school teachers, university professors, and practicing geographers to create this landmark traveling exhibition.

Earth 2U, Exploring Geography helps put the “me” element back into geography through hands-on fun for kids: things to lift up, turn around, touch, and smell; computer interactives to play with and explore; an educational video to watch; and amusing text that asks questions, tells stories, and teaches facts, skills, and history.

Earth 2U, Exploring Geography four sections—Population, Landscapes/Landshapes, Everyday Things, and an introductory section on exploration and adventure—answer the question, “What is Geography?” in unique and surprising ways. A giant chocolate chip cookie sheds light on global interconnectedness; an interactive kitchen sink examines consumption of water and other natural resources; an outsized number six billion examines the impact of a rapidly growing population; and land formation activities unleash the forces of nature. Tactile topographic models, personalized passports, and spectacular National Geographic photographs link young visitors to the rest of the world.

Earth 2U, Exploring Geography was organized by SITES and the National Geographic Society. The exhibition and educational programs have been made possible through the generous support Nissan North America.

This Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service exhibition toured from 1995-2002.

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