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The American Presidency

The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden by Lonnie G. Bunch III; Smithsonian Institution Press, 2000; Hard Back; $50.00

This lavishly illustrated volume recounts the evolution of the presidency, from the age of George Washington until today. Drawing from the vast collections of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, it provides a revealing glimpse of the culture, particularly the material culture, of the presidency. Using objects as varied as Thomas Jefferson's portable desk, Abraham Lincoln's stovepipe hat, a 1903 Teddy Bear named for Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt's pince-nez, and a drum played during John F. Kennedy's funeral, the book explores how the presidency has changed, and how presidential administrations have shaped - and been shaped by - relationships with the American people.

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Close Up in Black: African American Film Posters from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences by Foreword by Linda Harris Mehr; introduction by Edward Mapp; essay by Thomas Cripps; Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 2002, Soft Back, $20.00

This 9" x 10", 150-page catalogue from the novel SITES exhibition, Close Up in Black: African American Film Posters, contains beautiful full-page color reproductions of 125 historically and artistically significant black-cast film posters (1921-2001) from the Edward Mapp Collection at the Academy's Margaret Herrick Library. The reader is guided through the subject with a foreword by library director Linda Harris Mehr, an introduction by professor/collector Edward Mapp, and an essay by historian Thomas Cripps, who served as a consultant to the exhibition. 

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Documenting China: Contemporary Photography and Social Change by Gu Zheng; Bates College Museum of Art Exhibition Catalogue, 2004, $10.00

Exhibition Catalog featuring color and black and white photographs by seven of China's most celebrated contemporary photographers. Text by scholar Gu Zheng reveals the visual and artistic depth of the images.

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Feast Your Eyes: The Unexpected Beauty of Vegetable Gardens by Susan J. Pennington; University of California Press, 2002; Soft Back, $29.95

This book explores the history of vegetable gardens, from Aztec chinampas to the backyards of Americans today. Lavishly illustrated with over 100 historical and contemporary images, the book provides a fascinating and humorous discussion of how vegetables and vegetable gardens have been perceived across time and across cultures. Author Susan J. Pennington also curated the accompanying SITES exhibition of the same title, which opened in September 2002 at the Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha, Nebraska.

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First Ladies: Political Role and Public Image by Edith P. Mayo and Lisa Kathleen Grady; Scala Publishers Ltd. in association with the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, Behring Center, and the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, 2004; Hard Back, $9.95

The first lady occupies a unique position in American politics, playing influential roles as the nation’s hostess, the president’s social and political partner, and an advocate for social causes. First Ladies: Political Role and Public Image, the companion book to a major new SITES exhibition, combines text and more than 80 color and b&w images of gowns and clothing, personal belongings, White House and campaign memorabilia, and the first ladies themselves. Part of the Scala 4-fold series (pages open out horizontally and vertically), the book includes a timeline of the first ladies.

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In the Spirit of Martin: The Living Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by Gretchen Sullivan Sorin; Nikki Giovanni (Introduction); Gary Miles Chassman (Editor); Helen Shannon; Walter Leonard (Commentary), Tinwood Books, 2002, Hard Cover, $39.95

In the Spirit of Martin is the companion book to the first exhibition to demonstrate the compelling outpouring in the visual arts of responses to Dr. King's life. This richly illustrated, large-format book features the work of more than 150 important African American artists as well as other prominent traditional and visionary artists. Included are artists as diverse as Paul Cadmus, Elizabeth Catlett, Jacob Lawrence, Glenn Ligon, Kerry James Marshall, Robert Rauschenberg, Faith Ringgold, Norman Rockwell, Raymond Saunders, Andy Warhol, and Charles White. The book also presents the works of self-taught artists, many of whom have lived in relative obscurity. These folk and vernacular artists demonstrate King's impact throughout all areas of American life and art.

Original essays by Stanley Crouch, June Jordan, Julius Lester, John Lewis, Bernice Johnson Reagon, and others enrich the celebration of this American Civil Rights leader.

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Latin Jazz: The Perfect Combination/la combinacion perfecta by Raúl Fernández Foreword by Andy Gonzalez, Afterword by Al McKibbon, Preface by Robert Farris Thompson, Chronicle Books, 2002; Soft Back, $22.95

Author Raúl Fernández defines Latin jazz as the perfect combination of Latin rhythms and hot jazz phrasing. A companion to the SITES exhibition of the same title, Latin Jazz traces the music’s roots and routes, from the Caribbean to New Orleans and the clubs of New York City to its booming international popularity today. More than 100 rare photos from the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s show musicians and audiences, along with dozens of album covers and posters. Stories told by greats, such as Mario Bauzá and Cal Tjader, and text in both English and Spanish make this book a fitting tribute to this exciting musical fusion.

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Picturing the Century: One Hundred Years of Photography from the National Archives by Bruce I. Bustard, University of Washington Press/NARA, 1999, Soft back, $24.95

Picturing the Century selects 157 photographs from one
of the world's largest photographic archives - the vast collections of the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C., regional records facilities, and Presidential libraries. The photographs
depict momentous events, illustrate changes in American society, capture the hopes and fears of the American people. Interspersed through the book are portfolios of the work of eight distinguished photographers: Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Walter Lubken, Lewis Hine, George Ackerman, Charles Fenno Jacobs, Yoichi Okamoto, and Danny Lyon.

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Red, Hot, and Blue: A Smithsonian Salute to the American Musical by Amy Henderson and Dwight Blocker Bowers; Smithsonian Institution Press, 1996; Hard back; $45.00

Published to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Broadway, this lavish coffee-table book celebrates both the stage and the Hollywood musical. This book showcases the Hollywood and Broadway musical from its immigrant roots in the 19th century vaudeville, through its heyday on both "The Great White Way" and the silver screen, to its restrospective role today in such revivals as Show Boat. Its title taken from Cole Porter's 1936 musical, the book spotlights the performers, composers, lyricists, impresarios, choreographers, designers, and directors who collectively reinvented American culture through this most extravagant of 20th-century art forms. 

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Seeing Jazz by S. Marquette Folley (Compiler); Deborah Macanic (Compiler); Janice McNeil (Compiler); Elizabeth Goldson (Editor); Foreword by Clark Terry; Afterword by Milt Hinton; Chronicle Books, 1997. Hard back, $35.00; Soft back, $24.95

Seeing Jazz showcases the music's riotous liberating influence with over 100 beautiful images, including paintings, photographs, sculpture, multimedia works, and textile art. Inspired by the riffs and refrains of jazz, here are pieces from Romare Bearden, James Phillips, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gjon Mili, Henri Matisse, William Claxton, Stuart Davis, Ann Tanksley, Archibald Motley, Ed Love, Gordon Parks, Man Ray, and many others. More than 60 cool literary selections from some of the 20th century's hottest writers complement and enrich the arrangement of artworks.

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United We Stand: Flying the American Flag by Peter Gwillim Kreitler, Chronicle Books, 2001, Soft back, $12.95

To celebrate Independence Day, virtually every major U.S. magazine came together in the summer following Pearl Harbor to feature the image of the American flag on its cover - inspiring a country at war from newsstands across the nation. United We Stand collects more than 100 of the most striking covers from the 1942 campaign in a stirring visual tribute. Published in conjunction with the SITES exhibition, July 1942: United We Stand, which opened July 2003, the book also includes an introduction on how the campaign began and a selection of patriotic quotations from the magazines themselves. 60 years after they first appeared, the images still retain their power to move.

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Yesterday's Tomorrows Past Visions of the American Future by Joseph J. Corn and Brian Horrigan, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996, Soft back, $26.95

People live and work in enormous skyscrapers and never have to set foot on the ground. "Hurricane-proof" houses pivot on their foundations like weather vanes. The family car turns into an airplane. Wars are fought by robots.

Such are the visions of the future explored in Yesterday's Tomorrows. Filled with vivid color images and lively text, the book is eloquent testimony to the confidence-and, at times, the naive faith-Americans in the earlier part of the twentieth century had in science and technology. Originally published in 1984 to accompany an exhibition by the same name organized and circulated by SITES.

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Hollywood: Legend and Reality (Movie Palace), 22" x 34", $5.00

Doug Johnson's art-deco illustration conveys the grandeur of a movie palace during Hollywood's golden era.

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Louis Armstrong: A Cultural Legacy, 26" x 26", $5.00

Recognized around the world as “Satchmo,” Louis Armstrong is considered a founding father of jazz. This tri-tone poster features a portrait of Armstrong by theater photographer Maurice Seymour. The photograph, combined with a border printed in copper ink, captures the sophisticated elegance that was Armstrong’s trademark in the late 1930s.

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Mexico: A Landscape Revisited, 32" x 25", $5.00

Full-color reproduction of Rodolfo Morale's dreamlike 1990 painting Casa amarilla (The Yellow House) is an example of the landscape tradition in 19th- and 20th-century Mexican art.

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Produce for Victory, 24" x 18", $5.00

This poster incorporates a detail from a World War II poster challenging Americans to boost production as part of the war effort at home.

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Seeing Jazz, 25" x 33", $5.00

The vibrant yellow, deep blue and burning red of Romare Bearden's In "E" Sharp (1981) express the rhythm and mood of the jazz musician. With such visual energy, In "E" Sharp exemplifies the interplay between jazz and the visual arts at the crux of Seeing Jazz.  

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What Style is It?, 16" x 40", $10.00

This popular poster of 300 years of American architecture uses drawings from the Historic American Buildings Survey to illustrate 20 of the most common architectural styles. Covering Early Colonial to International, each style is represented by an American building, from the Jefferson Memorial and other civic landmarks to such residential icons as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House.

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