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American Glass: Masters of the Art by Lloyd Herman, University of Washington Press/SITES, 1998; $9.95

Delve into the world of contemporary glass, with 13 of today's leading American artists. Introduction by exhibition curator and founding director of the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery, Lloyd E. Herman. 

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Diamonds Are Forever Artists and Writers on Baseball by various authors, Chronicle Books/SITES, 2003. Soft Back, $19.95

This collection of works by some of America’s finest artists and writers answers the question: What is it about baseball that touches us so deeply? Contributions from John Updike, Ernest Hemingway, Roger Angell, Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, and dozens more celebrate the place, players, equipment, action, and indefinable “something else” of our great American pastime.

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Hannelore Baron: Works from 1969 to 1987, Ingrid Schaffner, SITES, 2001. $20.00

This catalog from SITES commemorates the first national tour of Hannelore Baron's artwork. A self-taught artist, Baron made collages and box constructions for her own satisfaction and self-expression. As a Holocaust survivor, a person who suffered from periodic depression and a cancer patient, Baron found a fountain of creativity with which she could explore her feelings and ideas. The abstract qualities of her intimately scaled works help her personal themes achieve a universal appeal.

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In Focus: National Geographic's Greatest Portraits by Sam Abell, William Albert Allard, Jodi Cobb, Stuart Franklin, and David Alan Harvey, 2004. Hard Back, $30.00

This book contains some of the greatest ethnographic and culturally significant portraits ever published. Some images date back to the 19th century, providing over a 100 year history of the Society's journey into photography and scientific study.

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Out of Time: Designs for the Twentieth Century Future by Norman Brosterman, Harry N. Abrams, 2000. Soft Back, $19.95

Flying cities . . . rocketships . . . monorails . . . robots . . . bubble-topped cars . . . these are the visions of a select group of American designers, illustrators, and artists who, from the 1890s to the mid-1960s, devoted their talents to portraying the future. Both the book and the SITES exhibition of the same title gather the most exciting ideas of these forgotten heroes of "techno-futuristic" art. Many of these images were created as illustrations for science fiction, popular science, and pulp-fiction magazines, and as prototype drawings for industrial design. Out of Time is a treasure trove of optimistic visions of the future - extravagant, wild, awesome, quaint or even dead-on accurate - making it the perfect gift for design or science-fiction afficionados. 

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Sevruguin and the Persian Image: Photographs of Iran, 1870-1930, Edited by Frederick N. Bohrer; University of Washington Press/Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, 1999. Soft Back, 1999.

Antoin Sevruguin (late 1830s-1933) was a celebrated photographer of late-nineteenth-century Iran. In addition to his numerous pictures of urban life and portraits made in his famous studio in Tehran, Sevruguin made a photographic inventory of the landscape, archaeological sites, and people of this region. In this generously illustrated book, the first ever devoted to Sevruguin, six distinguished authors explore the photographer's life and career. Sevruguin and the Persian Image, which complements the SITES exhibition, is a portfolio of signature works by a photographer whose innovations in lighting, composition, and development constitute landmark contributions to the evolution of photography.

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Moscow: Treasures and Traditions (Easter Table),
32" x 28", $5.00

Color reproduction of Stanislav Zhukovsky's 1903 painting, The Easter Table, portraying a rich interior scene set with hothouse spring flowers, colored eggs, ham, and holiday bread and sweet cheese. 

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Moscow: Treasures and Traditions (Shrovetide),
26" x 28", $5.00

Reproduction of 1919 painting, Shrovetide by Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev, depicting the popular pre-Lenten festival in provincial Russia as observed with abundant food and winter amusements such as troika sleigh rides, ice skating, and dancing bears.

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Newcomb Pottery: An Enterprise for Southern Women, 34" x 22", $5.00

Robert Soule's illustration captures the color palette and decorative motifs typical of this famous pottery.

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