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Detail from William H. Johnson's BOATS at KERTEMINDE, 1935. Courtesy Morgan State University


Out across the country, every day, SITES reaffirms and energizes the Smithsonian’s singular role as keeper of America’s shared national heritage. Each year, more than fifty exhibitions travel to hundreds of cities and towns where millions of people engage with discoveries and collections that give the Smithsonian its special place in American life. What an honor it is to engage the interest and involvement of people and places from coast to coast!

From an elite selection of international art exhibitions in the 1950s to bicentennial offerings in the 70s, and forward to current offerings including America’s sports icons, planet Earth as seen from space, the Muppets, Chinese jades, and Latino music, SITES exhibitions are created to promote access. The SITES “package” starts with an engaging exhibit, and includes every manner of technical support from insurance, crating, shipping, and PR, to interpretive enhancements ranging from curriculum and family guides to catalogues, interactive components, web links, and public programs.

SITES can’t do this alone. Smithsonian curatorial expertise enriches content beyond measure. Congressional support and the generosity of individuals, foundations, and corporations provide the wherewithal central to maintaining a vital exhibition program. Add to the mix the thousands of museums, science centers, historical societies, and other venues that devise imaginative activities and events, partnering with schools, local businesses, and community organizations to maximize the full impact of Smithsonian outreach. Each factor drives our organizational mission.

Maintaining and growing a vibrant national traveling exhibition program is at the core of our commitment to exemplify the best of the Smithsonian beyond the confines of the National Mall. Our strategic plan embraces that challenge.

Anna R. Cohn
Director, SITES

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